This book was designed for Avantika University's Engineering Workshop. The book is used for the facilitators and volunteers to conduct the workshop with students from higher secondary school. At Avantika, we believe that technology, as a medium, can be used to solve problems through innovation. This workshop is designed to understand the minds of engineers. It includes a hands-on experience on prototyping & showcasing ideas, and making things tangible. The focus will be on problem solving by understanding the context and applying prior knowledge in a concerted manner. Through these workshops we aim to broaden the perspectives of students and expose them to a new way of learning engineering. Students will be given different situations where they will experience how learning is best facilitated by ‘doing’. They will learn how to think outside the box and move out of their comfort zone.
Team: Avantika University (India)    |    Scope: Book Design, Branding, Graphic Design                                                                                                                      


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