This book was designed as the manifesto for Avantika University.  It comprises various design success stories, student projects and design methodologies. Avantika is envisioned as India’s First Design-Centered University that cross-links Design Thinking and creative spirit with Engineering and Liberal Arts. Learners at Avantika would be the harbingers of change, challenging the status quo and look at problems more comprehensively. The freedom of thinking is nonnegotiable in this university. Avantika believes in resetting the learning pedagogy with a balance of traditional values and contemporary practices; to create graduates with a broadened worldview. With a strong emphasis on design thinking and synthesis oriented education, Avantika is poised to explore and catalyze an era of creativity, innovation and enterprise.
Team: Avantika University (India)    |    Scope: Book Design, Branding, Graphic Design 


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