Avantika Design Thinking Workshop
Avantika Design Thinking Workshop is a platform for people from different industries, sectors and fields to come together and learn design thinking methodologies and principles. At ADTW, these methodologies and principles of Design Thinking are treated as individual tools that can be applied at various workplaces to create innovative products, services and experiences.
Team: Avantika University (Pune, India)    |    Scope: Exhibition Design, Space Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Workshop Facilitation                                                                     
Design thinking is an approach that has the capability to give a new outlook to companies to solve problems and help them innovate. Design thinking helps structure team interactions to cultivate greater inclusiveness, foster creativity, deepen empathy, and align people around specific goals and results.
Applied design thinking in professional problem solving incorporates mental models, tools, processes, and techniques such as design, engineering, economics, humanities, and social sciences to identify, define, and address professional challenges in strategic planning, product development, innovation, corporate social responsibility, and beyond. It also helps organizations to fill critical gaps and deficiencies. Only by combining modes and methods can organizations establish more complete and competitive bodies of knowledge and insights that empower a human-centric, future-oriented approach.
Business, in today's times, is full of emotions, wants and wishes of a rapidly changing culture. To meet these new demands, we need tools that are human-centric, understand lifestyles, customs and social factors, and, at the same time, ensure that innovation is at the core. One of the fundamental ways to address these needs is by applying Design Thinking.
By combining business methods with Design Thinking, organizations can establish a more sensitive and comprehensive approach towards handling problems and creating value in their processes, products and services.
Our workshops aim to break away from the conventional formats of Design workshops. By creating meaningful experiences through spaces and zones that represent various concepts of Design Thinking, we took the workshop format to a new level. These concepts can assist participants to successfully inculcate the Spirit of Design in their workplaces. These concepts can be applied to a variety of contexts and across different disciplines. These zones are designed to break preconceived notions and expose participants to a new way of thinking - 'Design Thinking'.
Benefits to Avantika University:
To communicate Avantika University’s strong connect with ‘DT’ to the people who are likely to be potential beneficiaries.
To develop ‘Avantika Fellows’ from diverse professions, educate and involve them, so that they are able to co-communicate the concept of ‘DT’. We need to scout them, connect with them and communicate Avantika’s education philosophy. They will provide ‘the pull’ for the potential participants.
To communicate ‘DT’ as a strong driver for various forms of professional education viz. Engineering, Law, Medicine, IT and Finance, among others.
To communicate ‘DT’ as one of the critical business skills for the emerging economy and the changing workplace dynamics. 
To communicate Avantika’s vision to develop positive affirmation for philanthropists and investors to espouse this vision of integrated professional education.
Making of ADTW
Spaces and Zones
The idea of ADTW was to break away from the mundane seminar format and create a memorable experience for the participants. We specially designed props for every zone to carry out the activities in an engaging way. These props were specially designed to be modular, easy to assemble and fabricate. 
'DO LAB' for prototyping supplies
Ideation standee
ADTW outdoor standee
Value Creation illusion installation
Observation Zone with standee and Observation Wall
Story Telling boards
ADTW entrance installation
Voting activity for Story Telling
Participants with their prototypes
Graphic Design collaterals 
Space installation handout
Space installation handout
Space installation handout
ADTW tote bag
Space installation handout
Web and App Design 

Co-Team members: Yashna Jhamb, Shreya Sood, Himanshi Parmar
Key Speakers: Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Prof. Sanjay Jain


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