Aqua Grow is an indoor aquaphonic system inspired from the form and functioning of a jellyfish reproduction cycle. 
Team: Uttara Ghodke    |    Scope: Product Design, Industrial Design     
Aqua-Gro is a indoor aquaphonic system in which the fish is used to grow the plants and vegetables. The water from the fish bowl which contains fish waste and bacteria is pumped up to the plant pots with a water pump. The plants are planted into the gravel bed. Further by using gravity as a transport, water is drained from the fish tank into a gravel bed.  Here, beneficial bacteria break down the toxic ammonia in fish waste to Nitrite and then to Nitrogen, a key nutrient for plant development.  On the gravel bed, we also use watercress as a secondary means of water filtration. Finally, the water flows from the growing beds back into the tank of fish. It is great to keep indoor or outdoor in the garden. With the use of Aqua-Gro the plants/vegetables do not need any fertilizers to grow properly.


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