Mychai is an electronic tea bag for all the tea lovers. 
Team: Uttara Ghodke    |    Scope: Product Design, Industrial Design     
-All you do is open the lower cover and scoop up some tea and place MYCHAI in water. 
-Press the button of your category of tea. (Black, Oolong, Green, Herbal).The heating mechanism will activate itself once it is in contact with water.
-The covering hatch is closed and so the tea dose not come in contact with the water unless it is hot enough.This will make the battery start, thus giving energy to the thermo-electric material.(NANO-SILICONE)
-As the material starts heating, the temperature if the water rises.
-Here the thermo-electric material is connected to the thermostat. So when the water reaches the needed temperature,the thermostat sends a signal to the energy storage to stop providing energy. 
-Thus the thermo-electric material stops heating further.
-After boiling the water and checking for the correct temperature the hatch to the strainer opens and starts brewing process.
-Once this is finished it closes up again so the tea remains fresh without bitterness.


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